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Factor You Should Consider When Buying A TV Wall Mount!

Box TVs use to keep on the table or trolley table. Both the two things TV and table were just surrounding so much space. These TVs had a small screen with SD quality. It could lose its signal anytime. As time evolves from the box TV people move towards the flat LCDs TVs which are available in different sizes. But how it is placed question arises? To solve this question a person needs to know what is a TV wall mount. As it is a substance that can be used to put the TV on it’s placed. 

Types of TV wall mount 

The TV wall mount can be divide into three different types. Every type of it is made of steel or aluminum. So let’s see each of type and how it is different from another.

  • Fixed TV wall mount

They are the most uncomplicated TV wall mount. These wall mounts are fixed so there is no movement on the TV screen. It can easily install within an hour. This wall mount is available at a low budget which is an advantage but there is a disadvantage which is it is fixed. Due to this, a person will need to adjust his or her sitting arrangement according to the wall mount. The second drawback is it if someone wants to attach different cables with TV. Then they need to remove the TV from the wall mount and placed it again. 

  • Tilting TV wall mount

They introduce some movement in the wall mount but limited. It can move but only vertically. So if children are watching TV. Their parents can adjust the height of the wall mount with the height of their little ones. It easily moves vertically from 5o to 15o. So that people can change the angle of viewing easily.

  • Full motion TV wall mount

These wall mounts are converting all other wall mounts disadvantages into advantages. It can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. Cables can easily place on the backside of the TV in this wall mount. But too many advantages lead to an increase in the price.

There are three different types of wall mount & for more types visit So now people should get a clear answer on what is a TV wall mount and which is suited to them. 

How to install a TV wall mount?

  • Firstly making a decision on which wall they want to place the TV wall mount.
  • People need to studs in the wall with the help of a stud finder.
  • Then it’s time to use a drilling machine to make the holes in the wall.
  • The fourth step is they need to attach the bracket to the chosen wall.
  • The mounting plate will attach to the TV
  • The most exciting task is mounting the TV in the right place. This task needs to be done carefully.
  • Follow the instructions written in the manual to connect the mouthing plate on TV with a bracket on the chosen wall.
  • Now they can enjoy their TV with a TV wall mount.

TV wall mount need

Every TV needs to have a wall mount or other stand which be place on the wall. These flat TV can be placed on walls. A person just needs to find the best type of it. Which can possible if they do search on what is a TV wall mount and its types?

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