If you decide to buy a Mountain bike, then, first of all, Congratulations!!! It could be one of your best decisions. Over the years, Mountain bike had gained a separate fan base for it. Despite its popularity, it’s a complicated process to get a perfect mountain bike for you. Among the numerous options available in the shops, you will be confused and to help you out we had listed out the few factors to consider before buying your favorite Mountain Bike.

Find the right size

Getting the mountain bike with the right size is a tough job. Don’t fall for the small, medium, large tag as it may vary according to the company. Instead, ensure that the size of the bike suits your body measurements. Every size matters including the frame size, saddle, pedal position, handlebar height, and stem length. If you got the one with the wrong size, then be ready to face neck pain, back pain, and other conditions. Apart from that, you may not feel comfortable riding in the bike due to reduced balance, variable speed, and frequent falls.

Get the perfect wheel size.

Choosing the ideal bike also depends on the appropriate wheel size. Based on your type of ride, you can choose one of the wheel sizes. The wheel size of 650c or lower is best for children. The standard size is 700c which is suitable for ride in flat surfaces. According to the experts, most of the bikers prefer 29 inches wheel, which is suitable for a smooth and rapid ride.

Choose your type of bike.

Selecting your type among the others is the primary thing while buying the mountain bike. Based on the various design elements, the bike types are named into five categories. They are Full suspension, cross country, Downhill, Hardtail, and Freeride. These bikes would meet the expectation of the riders with their style and design. The selection should also be based on the land you are going to ride on.

Frame Materials matters

Each material has its durability, weight, advantage and disadvantage on the mountain bike. Generally, these materials are classified into four types like steel, titanium, and aluminum, and carbon fiber. These materials would also affect the price. Besides the durability, light material is expensive while the heavy material would be less than that.

Check the features

Despite the other factors, always look out for the unique accessories present in the mountain bike. Make sure the features are taken into consideration and worth to spend your money. The bike should also have the option with advanced upgrades replacement whenever the rider is ready for more.

For example, if you select the mountain bike with tubeless tires, it improvises your riding with better control and handling. The feature promises the biker an excellent ride when compared with other models. Some of the other features to look in the bike are Brakes, suspension, saddle, shifting system and wheels.

The perfect choice does require some qualified research. Even though you are satisfied with every feature, it won’t hurt to take the bike for a ride. Make sure you are comfortable riding the bike and it worth your hard-earned money. Get the mountain bike and take a ride for a healthy and happy life.



It would be good to have a warm sunbath, but if you are exposed for a long time in the sun rays then you would be affected by Sunburns. Here, you don’t need to panic, and the condition does not always require the attention of dermatologists.


We have listed out a few sunburn treatments to try it in your home below:

  • A cold compress or Cold bath:

The treatment with something cold will be our first choice to cool down the burns. Cover the ice in a towel and place it in a plastic bag. Compressing the ice pack on the sunburns would comfort the skin by absorbing the heat content. If it doesn’t work, go for a cold bath to get immediate relief. You could also use some baking soda in the bath, which could balance the acid and alkaline levels in your skin to treat the burnt cells.

  • Aloe vera:

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties and enzymes which could aid in treating the sunburns. Apply the aloe vera on the affected skin; it could effectively soothe and repair the broken and burnt skin cells. Such pure aloe vera gel could also hydrate your skin as it contains 90% of water content.

  • Chamomile tea:

The anti-inflammatory compounds present in this chamomile drink could induce the recovery of sunburns. Prepare a cup of chamomile tea and cool it down. Then apply the cold drink in the burnt area to relieve the burning symptoms and redness in your skin.

  • Honey

Similar to the other ingredients, honey could do also wonder on your skin. It not only cools down the burns but also moisturizes your skin. Once you applied honey on the affected area, the moisture content in the honey would get absorbed by the skin. It would reduce the swelling and redness. The damaged cells can be treated too due to the presence of various nutrients. The antimicrobial properties could also risk of infections.

  • Oatmeal:

It is still unknown to many people that oatmeal can show some impact in treating the sunburns, The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties world relieve the sunburns and also reduce the pain. Apply the thick paste made from oatmeal and milk in the burnt skin. It could hydrate your skin to reduce the stiffness around the affected area.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar:

Despite its acidic nature, it has a significant role in the treatment of sunburns. Sunburnt skins are more prone to infections. But applying the diluted apple cider vinegar on the skin using a washcloth could stimulate the healing process due to malic acid. The ingredient also regulates the pH level of the skin and fights off the infection.

  • Cucumber:

Cucumber is the fresh ingredient that could cool down the burnt area. Place the cucumber slice on the affected area to hydrate your skin and reduce pain as they contain antioxidants and analgesic properties.

If you keep yourself hydrated and healthy, you could prevent the sunburns and enjoy the sun but when the UV rays get stronger, you might face the burns which we hope could be treated by using one of the ways mentioned above at your home. However moderate or severe the symptoms are, get your treatment the earliest as possible.



Coronavirus or COVID-19  is caused by SARS-CoV-2. It has claimed more than 550K lives throughout the world. Its next target might be you! It causes acute respiratory ailments in humans and was first discovered in the Wuhan district of China.

When WHO declared COVID-19 as a pandemic; doctors, health workers, municipality staffs, and the government started working together to save the nation from this virus. Following the discovery of this virus, numerous lockdowns have been imposed all over the world. People are still getting infected by not following the lockdown rules, and therefore, are infecting others around them. So, what should be the steps taken to prevent yourself from getting infected?

  1. Stay Home, Stay Safe

If you stay at home, you can save hundreds of lives, and yourself, from getting infected by the COVID19. This is the first step because it starts with you!

  1. Always wash hands before and after any activity.

Whether you went out or were gardening or are going into the kitchen, or doing anything, always remember to wash your hands thoroughly with handwash and water. Soap-water combination is also good but not highly effective.

  1. Maintain Social Distancing

Put yourself away from anyone who shows any signs of sickness or even if not. Do not bother to visit them unless it is important. Older people and infants can be sick with the slightest contact, so take care of them.

  1. Monitor your own health regularly.

Read blogs and articles, watch the news, and discover the newly recurred symptoms regularly to ensure whether you or someone you know is safe. If they do not, however, show any urgent symptoms, do not let the visit Medicare. Otherwise, they might get infected.

  1. Don’t touch your eyes, nose, ears, or mouth when you are not in your house.

Even if you are at home, and haven’t gone out, use a tissue or a clean towel and clean water to deal with any itches. Otherwise, you can risk yourself from getting infected due to the germs in your hand.

  1. Use social media to discover people, and Do Not Visit Them, at all.

You do need to go out of your house and pay a visit to your peers. Use social media, chat with them, make video calls, but please do not step out of your house unnecessarily.

  1. Wear a mask while you are going out.

A mask can save you from people around you who are sneezing your coughing. Because if they do not obey the rules, you must follow the rules to stay safe.

  1. Avoid crowded places, religious spots, and markets.

Because religious spots, markets, and crowded places are collectively the warehouse of various diseases. These places can securely cause community spreads because you must be toughing everyone, everywhere, every time you visit these places.

  1. Keep yourself updated

Keep yourself updated about the latest information from genuine sources and sites only. Fake news and rumors may cause panic and havoc in their lives. Education is important.

  1. Use alcohol-based sanitizers only.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers contain 70% of ethanol, which can kill 99.99% of germs within a few seconds of the appliance.

Stay home and stay safe!